Video Knife Test: TOPS CUMA Tak-Ri 2.0

This tactical to practical khukri made by TOPS knives was designed by Waysun Johnny Tsai of CUMA RAM. His 25+ years of experience as an instructor led him to design a CQB battle knife called the Cuma Tak-Ri. The 2.0 version takes the success of its predecessor, and makes it more comfortable for everyday use.

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This is not a sponsored video, although Johnny Tsai did send this over for T&E.

The Good:
– Shorter blade for CQB
– Sharpened spine for backup blade or reverse cuts
– Micarta handle scales***
– Spindle sockets on both sides for righty and lefty use
– Pry bar on back saves your tip from abuse
– Very good chopper
– Shallow grind provides near razor sharp edge
– Splits wood like a dream
– Top cutting edge serves as a very effective back-up blade

The Bad:
– Wish it came with an option without serrations. Although they do serve well for rope/cordage, you lose blade control for whittling.
– Lanyard can slip in front of pry bar when in use.
– Not really a negative, but a kydex sheath might be a good option for this one.

Awesome Scale
– 9.5/10

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