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Why Get Knives Photographed?

Knifemakers have a hard enough time making a living doing what they love without added expenses. So what are the benefits of paying a professional photographer to photograph their knives for them?

The reasons to have knives photographed are many. As managing editor of BLADE Magazine, I can tell you that often when knifemakers send me images of their newest models for possible publication, the self- or friend-taken digital images are low resolution, fuzzy, with busy backgrounds or too low quality for a high-gloss, color magazine. The images might look good on a website, computer screen or printed, but once reproduced on quality magazine paper, in four color, they lose their crispness and look fuzzy.376074_387172178064483_645036687_n

Here are some other reasons to have your knives photographed by a pro from photographer Jim Cooper of See Jim at the BLADE Show, or visit his website.

The benefit of a professional image will promote you in a number of ways: 
  • Large clear print for your portfolio
  • Crisp website image for email or display 
  • Large digital file for printing
  • Posted and viewed by thousands on Bladeforums, CKCA forum, and our SBC Facebook page
  • All files are sent to USA and International editors of knife magazines
  • Guaranteed: Your knives are always available to view and search on our extensive website
  • A professional image shows you take pride in your work


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