Knifemaking is the building of a knife, which includes the blade, handle and other accouterments. Blades are made by either removing metal from a steel blank via a grinder – known as stock removal – and the forging to shape of hot steel into a blade in the process known as bladesmithing. Other parts, including bolsters, guards, pommels, etc., are needed to complete the finished knife.

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Pete Sloan got a helping hand from his daughter Erin when he made neckers for Spencer Aplin's wife and son.

Maker Uses Daughter’s Hand To Perfect Mini Knife

“One thing that Spencer is very good at is knowing what I’d like,” Lisa Johnson Aplin said. Lisa is the co-founder and chief operating officer of STA Custom Knives out of Brazoria, Texas. She and knifemaker Spencer Aplin were married in 1993, and together they have a son Alexx who will...

Bobby Toerck close handle material made by Terry Dunn.

Dad Makes Knife For His Deer-Hunter Daughter

Ten-year-old Jordan Toerck had been pestering her knifemaker father, Bobby Toerck, to make her a knife for a while. But she was still young, so Bobby held her off. He promised to make her a knife when she got her first deer. Well, in January, she did just that and true...

John Horrigan still makes his brother's knife design, the Bob Horrigan Military Figher, for maker's list price $550.

Every Day Is Memorial Day For Knifemaker John Horrigan

Every day is Memorial Day for the family of Master Sergeant Robert Mark Horrigan. The weeks leading up to the holiday and through June 17, though, mark an intensified period of mourning for Robert’s identical twin brother and American Bladesmith Society master smith John Horrigan of Elite Knives. Robert was a...

Marine Staff Sergeant Johnny Joey Jones served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Southern Grind Spokesman Remembers The Fallen

In 2010 ABC Nightline produced a three-part series on Marine Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician Staff Sergeant Johnny Joey Jones. During eight years of service, Jones deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. It was while in Helmand, Afghanistan, on August 6, 2010, that Jones stepped on an improvised explosive device, losing...

Now you can see the pattern-welded steel used to make the blade in this Andrew Griggs' Southern Comfort model.

6 Things BLADE Looks For In A Knife Photo

Taking great photographs of knives is no easy task—unless you’re a professional, in which case you can stop reading. Essentially, you’re taking a highly detailed shot of something that fills the entire frame, not something small like a bee in the center of a background of blurred petals, but a long,...

“Knifemaker Showcase” features six custom knifemakers in the pages of BLADE magazine every month.

5 Ways To Get Your Knives Featured In BLADE

Here are 5 ways to get your knives featured in BLADE, either in print or online. Our goal is to include as many different types of knives and as many different knifemakers and manufactures as we can in each issue and online. We try not to double up on any individual...

Jared Wihongi helped design his signature line of knives with Browning.

Edged-Weapon Expert Talks Knife Fighting

Jared Wihongi is a native New Zealander who began training in martial arts at an early age. As a young man he had the chance to live in the Philippines and study an edged-weapon style of fighting called Pekiti Tirsia Kali. Jared has spent 14 years as a law-enforcement special weapons...