Knife Test

A knife test can take many forms, from simply cutting paper to the extreme chopping, rope-cutting, bending and other tests conducted by the American Bladesmith Society (ABS) on the knives of applicants for the rating of ABS journeyman smith and master smith. As with any test in any scientific method, specific testing methods in equal doses should be employed for whatever category of knife is in question. For instance, if it is a kitchen knife, all the tests should pertain to kitchen knife use, and each kitchen knife tested should undergo the same tests (within reason). In this way, if need be, the knives can be graded in each test and the results can be compared to determine how one knife performs in relation to another.

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It’s a Hard-Use Knife

I needed to cut some high-tensile electric wire (the fence was unplugged at the time—at least I had that right). I didn't have a wire cutter on me, and the garage had to be at least 50 yards away. I pulled out my serrated Spyderco folder.

What To Ask/Not Ask a Knifemaker

When you buy a knife from a knifemaker, it’s your money and you have the right to ask him or her any question—within reason—about the knife. However, there are certain questions we recommend you ask and others we recommend you don’t ask. For instance: •Don’t ask how long it took to...

The 4th annual military issue of BLADE® salutes the military on the anniversary of 9/11.

New BLADE® Salutes Military On 9/11

Military heroes past and present and their favorite knives are the focus of the new BLADE® ( on the 12th anniversary of 9/11—on many newsstands NOW! Featuring a Bob Dozier Freedom Fighter on the cover that stopped a bullet and likely saved U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Josh Clysdale’s life, the latest...

Looking for a cool lady's or gent's knife? The Spyderco Ambitious fills the bill.

A Cool Lady’s or Gent’s Knife

The Spyderco Ambitious is advertised as a small (3.5 inches closed) palm-sized workhorse offering big performance in a compact knife package. It definitely fits in my palm—in fact, with my hand being perhaps a tad larger than medium-sized for an adult male, it swallows the G-10 handle completely. Ergo, fully grasped,...

The Microtech D.O.C. Kill Switch—the BLADE Magazine 2013 Most Innovative American Design—is on the cover of the new BLADE®, on newsstands today!

New BLADE Hits Newsstands TODAY!

Get all the poop on the 2013 BLADE Show & Living Ready Expo (—including the BLADE Magazine 2013 Knives Of The Year® and the show’s other hottest knives—Steven “MeatEater” Rinella’s assessment of the SOG Huntspoint hunting knife and more in the latest BLADE® (, on most newsstands TODAY!  Highlights include:  •Blade...