Knife Sharpening

Knife sharpening refers to the practice of removing material from the bevels of a blade to sharpen the edge. There are any number of ways to sharpen a knife, from simply abrading it on a rock to stropping it on leather and others. There are also any number of types of sharpeners designed to do the job, including but not limited to standard bench stones, angle-guides, pull-through models, crossed ceramic sticks, electric models, belt grinders and more. A variety of abrasives are used in the process, including diamond-coated ones, the aforementioned ceramics, stones, sharpening steels, etc., all in a variety of grits from coarse to fine.


Educating the Future Of Knives

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) recently announced it will present a series of informative articles on its website,, that address various aspects of the knife owner’s experience.

KEEPING Your Knife Sharp

KEEPING your knife sharp entails more than knowing how to sharpen it. If you maintain the knife’s edge on a regular basis, it will eliminate having to re-establish the edge each time the knife goes dull. Maintaining the edge is easy. The hard part is getting in the habit of doing it. However, once...


4 Steps to Perfect Freehand Sharpening

by Dexter Ewing 1) Select a Sharpener Invest in a good bench stone. You have the natural ones like the arkansas stones and the manmade ones such as the Norton India stone. There are also the diamond-bonded stones that many companies produce. 2) Color the Edge With a black ink permanent marker, color the...

Spyderco ProFile

Hunter’s Edge: 3 EZ-Carry Field Hones

    Keeping your hunting knife sharp at all times is a must in the field. One of the best ways to do it is to touch the edge up after each time you use it—and the easiest way to do that is with a portable field sharpener. The Spyderco ProFile Fine/Medium Sharpener (pictured at...

Hunter’s Edge: 2 Sharpeners and Sharpening eBook

    Keep your hunting knife sharp and ready to perform in the field with two great sharpeners and a sharpening eBook from ShopBlade.     One of the more unusual and ingenious sharpeners is the Spyderco Duckfoot diamond sharpening system. Sporting various shapes for sharpening different edges, the Duckfoot includes:     •A 1”x 5” flat...