Your Knife Rights

Knife rights refer to the rights of the individual to legally buy, use, carry, collect, possess and otherwise have knives. There are two organizations leading the fight to protect your rights in this area: Knife Rights and the American Knife & Tool Institute. Both have been extremely proactive and effective in working to have legislation passed to protect your knife rights. Other individuals and entities also have played important roles in this area. Anyone who can write letters and emails or place phone calls to their respective legislators can make a difference in legislation that can protect everyone’s right to legally buy, use, carry and possess knives.

Alaska Pro-Knife Bill Vote Today—Contact Now!

According to Knife Rights, the Alaska House will vote today on House Bill 33 which, if passed, would ensure one-hand and assisted-opening knives are not considered gravity or switchblade knives. If you live, work or travel in Alaska, please contact your representative(s) and ask them to vote in support of HB33. Yesterday, Knife Rights...

Tennessee Knife Rights Bill to Senate Vote—Contact Today!

Knife Rights reports that Tennessee Senate Bill SB1015, which would enact the state’s Knife Law Preemption, repeal Tennessee’s antiquated ban on automatic knives (switchblades) and repeal the the state’s 4-inch knife length limitation, has been voted out of committee with a 7-1 vote of recommendation for passage. Requested by Knife Rights and sponsored by...

Stop New Jersey from Instituting Knife-Free Zones!

New Jersey has a bill pending that would establish “knife-free zones” around schools, parks and “public facilities,” according to Knife Rights. New Jersey Assembly bill A1387, which would permit municipalities to establish huge swaths of “weapons free zones” around schools, parks and “public facilities” within which possession of “any dangerous knife” would be prohibited,...

Introduce Young People To Knives

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) presents a series of informative articles appearing on the organization's website,, and presenting various aspects of the knife owner's experience.