Your Knife Rights

Knife rights refer to the rights of the individual to legally buy, use, carry, collect, possess and otherwise have knives. There are two organizations leading the fight to protect your rights in this area: Knife Rights and the American Knife & Tool Institute. Both have been extremely proactive and effective in working to have legislation passed to protect your knife rights. Other individuals and entities also have played important roles in this area. Anyone who can write letters and emails or place phone calls to their respective legislators can make a difference in legislation that can protect everyone’s right to legally buy, use, carry and possess knives.

BLADE seminar: Know what to say and not say to law enforcement when carrying a knife.

BLADE Show: You, Your EDC and the Police

The BLADE Show ( is the place to learn all about knives—including what to say when you are stopped by law enforcement for carrying one. Have you ever been stopped for carrying a knife? What did you say to the officer? Did he ask you why you carried a knife? What was your response?...

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New BLADE On Most Newsstands NOW!

Fallkniven’s SK1 Jarl midsize hunter is the cover knife for the new BLADE®, on most newsstands NOW! What are the top 14 custom knives of the 21st century? What features make a perfect tactical folder? Do you know why lightning strike carbon fiber got its name and why it’s in such demand among custom...

The Squirt by Leatherman.

TSA Delays New Small Pocket Knife Policy

A policy change by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allowing passengers to carry a small pocket knife or multi-tool on commercial airliners beginning April 25 has been delayed, federal officials reported. The TSA indicated the delay is so it can consider a report on the subject from an advisory committee comprised of aviation, consumer...


Educating the Future Of Knives

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) recently announced it will present a series of informative articles on its website,, that address various aspects of the knife owner’s experience.

Contact your legislators in support of the new TSA ruling.

Carry-On Knife Ruling Needs Your Support

The Transportation Security Administration’s recent ruling allowing small pocketknives and multi-tools on airliners is under fire from all anti-knife sides and needs your help. According to Knife Rights, Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey (D) and New York Rep. Michael G. Grimm (R) introduced the “No Knives Act” (HR 1093) that would stop the new TSA...

Three states' pro-knife laws need your help.

Pro-Knife Laws Need Your Help!

Three states are considering pro-knife laws that need your help, Knife Rights reports. Pending measures in Kansas, Tennessee and Texas have been approved in lower legislative bodies and are moving on for further approval. If you act now, you still have time to help ensure these pro-knife laws will be enacted. The one in...