Knife Embellishments

Decorations of most any form fit under “knife embellishments,” including but not limited to black and white or color scrimshaw, carving/sculpting, engraving (including gold inlay), filework, inlaid gemstones, wire-inlaid handles, etc. Decorations in similar or dissimilar forms also may spill over onto the sheath accompanying the knife. Some makers do their own embellishing, while some farm the knives/sheaths out for it.

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World’s Top Knives at ECCKS March 1-3

Some of the world’s top knives and knifemakers will descend on Jersey City, New Jersey, March 1-3 for the 24th Annual East Coast Custom Knife Show (ECCKS).   Such makers as, in alphabetical order, Van Barnett, Todd Begg, Charles Bennica, Tim Britton, Joel Chamblin, Pat and Wes Crawford, Dellana, Bob Dozier, Allen Elishewitz, Kaj...

Scott Sawby Marian Sawby

Golden Engraving Highlights Favorite Folder

Honestly, it’s not difficult to choose the “Editor’s Favorites from the Knives 2013 Book,” not because there are only a couple dozen great knives in the publication, but instead they’re all incredible (at least to this humble editor), so how could one go wrong? Such is the case with a sea-worthy locking-liner folder from the...