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Atlas Dynamic Defense P.U.K.

Prime Cutters Are Good To Go

Small-to-medium-sized fixed blades make excellent cutting tools, and today’s prime cutters are good to go. Here are five of the hottest in this sharp-looking category. The P.U.K. (Personal Utility Knife) The P.U.K. (Personal Utility Knife) from Atlas Dynamic Defense has a 2.52-inch blade of CPM S30V stainless steel heat treated to a Rockwell hardness...

Elephant vs. ancient ivories

Distinguishing Elephant from Ancient Ivory

Distinguishing elephant from ancient ivory is challenging and becoming more and more important for the owners of knives with handles of ancient ivory. However, there are two reliable keys to make the determination easier. Polished cross sections of elephant and mastodon/mammoth ivories display stacked chevrons of cross-hatched lines called Schreger lines or Lines of...

New BLADE on newsstands now!

Tomahawks Are Top Chops in BLADE

Tomahawks large and small continue to take the world of knives by storm and four of the latest models are top chops in the new BLADE®—on newsstands now! Featuring the Hardcore Hardware Australia CTT-01 on the cover, the issue also includes the diminutive Micro Hawk from TOPS Knives through to the big boy of...

60 years for Gil.

Icons Celebrate Over A Century of Knifemaking

Gil Hibben and D’ Holder are two of the world’s top living pioneer custom knifemakers, and together celebrate over a century of knifemaking in 2016. Hibben has been making knives 59 years and Holder has done it for half a century—both impressive achievements by anyone’s standards. It’s interesting to note that both long-time makers...

right to own and carry

Trump vs. Clinton: Your Knives Are At Stake

How Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stack up in terms of your right to own and carry your knives is an issue you should weigh carefully before voting Nov. 8. According to Knife Rights Chairman Doug Ritter, Clinton’s anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment agenda is a major plank of her campaign. She advocates undermining the...

BLADE reader survey

Help BLADE Satisfy Your Knife Lust

The best way for BLADE® to fulfill the needs of its readers is to go right to the source—the readers themselves. If you read BLADE, you can help us satisfy your knife lust by taking our BLADE READER SURVEY. Not only will you help us help you, but by completing the survey you will...

Song knife for BLADE.

Song Knife Highlights New BLADE®

Country music star Craig Morgan’s “Song Knife” for Buck, what’s “next” in custom knives, “Blades of the Bog” and much more sharp stuff highlights the new BLADE®, on newsstands now! Morgan, who also stars on the Outdoor Channel’s Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors, recently released his latest album, A Whole Lot More To Me....