Hoffman’s “I Am The Walrus” Knife Wins Art Honor

Knifemakers’ Guild voting member Kevin Hoffman’s “I Am The Walrus” knife recently was chosen for the artKudos international art competition and won an honorable mention.


Sporting a damascus blade, an ancient walrus/oosic handle and a striking guard in the shape of a walrus’ head with stainless “tusks’ serving as quillons, the knife is a stunner and can be seen on the art competition’s site of http://www.artkudos.com/2011/awards.html.


“In an effort to get knives noticed in new venues I entered one of my new creations,” in the competition, Hoffman noted. He added that the competition drew entries from 417 artists. “Yeah, I’m a little proud,” he stated.


For more information contact Hoffman at Kevh052475@aol.com.