Knife Videos

Knife videos are videos of any number of knife activities, including the making, sharpening, embellishing, etc., of knives, as well as their use. The videos may range from simple overviews of knife subjects to in-depth tutorials including artisans taking you step-by-step through a knifemaking process in the confines of their shop, offering tips and other advice, etc. The instructors filmed in the videos can range from those with whom you may not be all that familiar to some of the world’s greatest names in knives, including Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-FameĀ© members Bill Moran and Bob Loveless, and also Steve Johnson, Harvey Dean and many others.

Finishing Curly Maple Knife and Tomahawk Handles

This video shows how to finish Curly Maple knife and tomahawk handles. ABS Associate member RW Wilson demonstrates how to sand, stain, and finish curly maple handles. BLADE RecommendsFor further instruction on making tomahawks, click here to check out this BLADE download.

Video Knife Test: The M-2 Tactical Short Sword

This video is to show what kind of abuse Our M-2 tactical short sword is capable of. This is only a few of the tests we perform. BLADE Recommends If sword skills are your thing, check out the book, Cutting Targets with the Japanese Sword. It’s full of information on the art of swordsmanship....