Movie Trailer: Robert Loveless, An American Legend

Producers Jack Lucarelli, Edward Wormser and David Ellis present, “Robert Loveless, An American Legend.” E-mail to order a copy.

Synopsis from the producers: “Among his peers, Robert ‘Bob’ Loveless achieved the title, ‘living legend.’ He was the superstar of the custom knife world and you would have to reach far and wide to find someone to say differently. He was respected and his knife designs are the most copied around the world. He was a modern times genius. He had the eye and the taste. When you get a Rolex right, a Ferrari right, a Porsche right, you don’t mess with it. Same with a Loveless knife. Bob was fearless, gentle, stubborn, loving, generous, witty and sometimes just outright mean. Bad or good, that was Bob. . . he lived life ‘his way.'”

Read the Book, Then See the Movie

Knifemaking with Bob Loveless was published just before the knifemaker’s death, making it the last book to be written while Loveless was still alive. Author Durwood Hollis gained exclusive access to his shop. It’s essential reading for all knife enthusiasts.

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