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Ben Sobieck is the online editor for BLADE and administrator of His top interests include outdoors knives, classy EDCs, current events issues and any blade with a great story behind it. Contact him at


4 Steps to Perfect Freehand Sharpening

by Dexter Ewing 1) Select a Sharpener Invest in a good bench stone. You have the natural ones like the arkansas stones and the manmade ones such as the Norton India stone. There are also the diamond-bonded stones that many companies produce. 2) Color the Edge With a black ink permanent marker, color the...

A Knife for Sgt. Dakota Meyer I

    In recognition of his military actions in Afghanistan on behalf of his fellow servicemen and his country that resulted in his receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor, U.S. Army Sgt. Dakota Meyer was presented with a custom knife made by Gene Baskett, a custom AR-15 rifle, and honorary membership in the Knifemakers’ Guild....


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Hunter’s Edge: 2 Sets Have “It”

Why buy one hunting  knife only when you can get most every game-care tool you need in two versatile hunting sets—the Outdoor Edge Butcher-Lite Knife Set and Gerber Ultimate Game Kit—from ShopBlade?     The Outdoor Edge Butcher-Lite Knife Set features the following:     • a  4.25-inch gut-hook skinner with a deep-bellied blade     •...